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Remarks for Saving California Communities: Next Steps

By Susan Lovenburg, May 15, 2010


Introducing the work of Saving California Communities

  •  Diverse and growing group of Davis community members who agree that the challenges facing California today are only partly the result of an economic downturn.
  •  We believe there are fundamental flaws in our system of government that we must address before prosperity will return
  •  We came together seeking to better understand options for reform, and how our group could assist the effort.
  • We developed a set of guiding principles
  • At our forum a year ago we identified two key areas in which to work:
    • build knowledge and understanding of the reform efforts underway
    •  link the Davis effort to groups in Yolo County and around the state, understanding that more voices carry a stronger message
  • We have made progress toward those goals
    • sponsoring a speaker series:
    •  research analysts: Eric McGhee, Kimberly Nalder and Christopher Elmendorf
    • reform stategists: Fred Keeley, Bob Hertzberg and Jim Wunderman
    • policy makers: Senators Mark DeSaulnier and Loni Hancock
    • worked with a parallel effort of Yolo city, county and school elected representatives identifying common areas of interest and collaboration; made contact with statewide efforts as well
    • advocate for the reform proposals of California Forward


Despite this progress locally, the statewide reform effort is faltering.

  • We are here again, to assess and understand, and determine what next
  • Looking forward to the insight our speakers will provide

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