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About SCC

Our mission, guiding principles, and founding members.


The SCC Mission

Our mission is to advocate for the resources necessary to support healthy California communities.


Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles in support of this mission are:

  • Healthy Communities
    Healthy communities rely on an array of local services – education, safety, health, and public works – that address the needs of the whole community.
  • Responsive Government
    While key regional and state services are essential, local government agencies are best placed to respond to the needs of their communities.
  • Stable Revenue
    California’s communities must be supported through stable revenue streams for basic, essential services.
  • Alignment of Resources, Responsibility and Accountability
    State-level reform is necessary to support functional government that aligns authority, responsibility, resources and accountability.
  • United Voices
    United community voices carry a powerful message for structural reform of the state system of governance.  Combined efforts best serve the common good; pitting the interests of one essential service against another essential service is harmful to the entire community.
  • Public Engagement
    Public participation and advocacy are essential in mobilizing for reform.


Founding Members

Saving California Communities is a coalition of Davis elected representatives and community members uniting voices in support of strong, healthy communities in Davis and throughout California.  Though our members participate in this effort as private citizens, brief professional biographies follow:

  • Bob Agee is retired budget director at the University of California, Davis.
  • Jan Agee is a communications advisor for WestEd and adjunct faculty member at Sacramento City College.
  • Sheila Allen is trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District and a public health nurse for Yolo County.
  • Ruth Asmundson is a former mayor of Davis and former trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District.
  • Davis Campbell is a former trustee of the Yolo County Board of Education, member of the Yolo County Aging and Adult Services Commission, and former executive director of the California School Boards Association.
  • Delaine Eastin is former Superintendent of Public Instruction and a former member of the California State Assembly.
  • Lucas Frerichs is a commissioner on the Davis Planning Commission.
  • Jackie Hausman is a project manager at Center for Health and Technology, UC Davis Medical College
  • John Hills is a physician with Kaiser Permanente.
  • Hiram Jackson serves on the board of the Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association.
  • Charlotte Krovoza is former student representative to the Davis Board of Education and a student at Occidental College.
  • Susan Lovenburg is a trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District.
  • Karen Mo is a physician with the University of California Davis Medical Group.
  • Don Palm is Dean of the Davis campus of Sacramento City College.
  • Gavin Payne is principal of Gavine Payne Consulting and former chief deputy at the California Department of Education.
  • Jim Provenza is a Yolo County Supervisor and former trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District.
  • Richard Reed is a commissioner on the Yolo County Planning Commission.
  • Don Saylor is a Yolo County Supervisor, former mayor of Davis and a former trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District.
  • Helen Thomson is a former Yolo County Supervisor, former member of the California State Assembly and a former trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District.
  • Kirk Trost is general counsel to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.
  • Jay Ziegler is policy director for the Nature Conservancy.



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