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General questions:

Mailing address: P.O. Box 4056, Davis, CA  95617-4056


To receive announcements and updates of our efforts, please join our email list.


Saving California Communities will pursue future efforts in the following five directions.  If you would like to assist with one of these, please contact the individual indicated.

  1. Communication: responsible for media contacts, preparation of written materials, website development, maintaining database.  (Susan Lovenburg,
  2. Community outreach: presentations to community groups about the efforts of SCC, conducting community focus groups.  (Don Palm,
  3. Community education: Forums, debates, speakers events, etc.  (Lucas Frehrichs,
  4. Outreach to other communities: connecting SCC efforts with those in Yolo County and beyond.  (Don Saylor,
  5. Advocacy and research: aligning with other reform efforts, identifying what and when to advocate, etc.  (Don Saylor,
If you have already been in touch, we have a record of your interests but welcome your additional thoughts.  Thanks!


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