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Saving California Communities

United Voices for Strong, Healthy Communities


A New Level of Advocacy

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The effects of the Great Recession are mostly behind us, budgets are stabilizing, state legislative term limits have been reformed, the drawing of state election boundaries have been placed in the hands of the people, and a top-two open primary system is now in place. However, we've not yet fully restored the Golden State.

California must develop and implement a fair system of reliable financing and informed decision making that will ensure the stability of all critical core services needed for healthy and livable communities. 

A group of Yolo community members have joined forces as Saving California Communities (SCC) to advocate for structural reform at the state level. Founded in 2009, this group brings together county, city and school elected representatives, educators, parents, students, health professionals, educators, senior citizens, government employees and business owners.

Our mission is to educate the public and advocate for the resources necessary to support healthy California communities.


The SCC Mission

Our mission is to advocate for the resources necessary to support healthy California communities.


Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles in support of this mission are:

  • Healthy Communities
    Healthy communities rely on an array of local services – education, safety, health, and public works – that address the needs of the whole community.
  • Responsive Government
    While key regional and state services are essential, local government agencies are best placed to respond to the needs of their communities.
  • Stable Revenue
    California’s communities must be supported through stable revenue streams for basic, essential services.
  • Alignment of Resources, Responsibility and Accountability
    State-level reform is necessary to support functional government that aligns authority, responsibility, resources and accountability.
  • United Voices
    United community voices carry a powerful message for structural reform of the state system of governance.  Combined efforts best serve the common good; pitting the interests of one essential service against another essential service is harmful to the entire community.
  • Public Engagement
    Public participation and advocacy are essential in mobilizing for reform.

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