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Chair of State Government Reform Committee to speak to Davisites

The Davis–based government reform group, Saving California Communities ( SCC ), will host State Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) as the featured speaker at its upcoming meeting next Tuesday, Nov 10th at 7pm at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second Street. Admission is free, and all members of the public are welcome to attend.

Sen. DeSaulnier will be speaking in his role as Chair of the California Senate Select Committee on Improving State Government. The committee will look at ways to make the Legislature more transparent and effective and make state government more efficient and customer friendly.

"Sacramento's systemic problems predate today's legislature, and will be around long after it if we don't act now," said DeSaulnier. "We weren't sent to Sacramento to avoid the problems staring us in the face. This is the work we were elected to do."

The Senate Select Committee on Improving State Government is tasked with:

  • Giving Californians more value for their tax dollars by making government more efficient and accountable.  

  • Prioritizing key issues, so government makes the tough decisions and only turns to the voters when absolutely necessary.

  • Cutting through the gridlock caused by outmoded rules and undue partisanship.

  • Making government more transparent and accessible from around the state.

  • Diminishing the influence of special interests.

  • Making government more customer-friendly.

  • Creating a process that encourages decisions that reflect long-term thinking, not short-term band-aids.

DeSaulnier is also the author of   SCR 3, legislation which calls for the people of California to vote at the next statewide general election on the question of whether to call a Constitutional Convention.

Following the discussion, members of SCC will give a recap of the group's recent activities as well as upcoming events.

A group of Davis community members have joined forces as Saving California Communities (SCC) to advocate for permanent structural budget reform at the state level.  This group brings together county, city and school elected representatives, educators, parents, students, city directors, health professionals, university and community college representatives, senior citizens, government employees and business owners.

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